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Welcome to my
Guided Meditation Podcast!

Here you will find affirmation meditations, mindfulness meditations, woman's meditations as well as some meditations with ancient yogic philosophy and pranayama techniques. If you enjoy the meditations, consider leaving me a donation by clicking the icons below.



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Guided Meditation
Digital Downloads to Purchase

In addition to my Guided Meditation Podcast, I have a few classes you can purchase and download to your phone. If you enjoy my guided meditations, purchasing classes from me is a way to support me in all the efforts I put into creating the content. All my meditations are professionally sound edited for premium sound quality.


Even my live replays of Zoom classes or recordings of my live teachings are edited for optimal listening and practicing at home.

Over the pandemic, I learned how to do sound editing to edit some of my meditations and it became a passion of mine and part of the creative process to enhance my student's experience when listening to my meditations.

Click 'VIEW DETAILS' to listen to the previews of the meditations here and consider purchasing the download to receive some of my best meditations.

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Guided Meditations also on YouTube