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Discovering the Truth: Can a Yoni Egg Get Stuck?

Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

I Used To Have An Incredible Fear Of My Yoni Egg Getting Stuck.

For the first few years of my Yoni Egg practice I always attached a piece of dental floss as a string for easy removal. My muscles were gaining a lot of strength from my practice, which certainly enhanced my sex life, but I never overcame the fear of my jade egg getting lost inside my yoni. Never, ever would I have attempted to not use the string during use. I was terrified that without an easy retrieval method, the egg might get stuck and would never see the light of day again.

Then one day my worst fear came true. I came home after a long day at work and had been wearing my Yoni Egg for hours. I went to the bathroom to remove it, reached down for the string and gave it a tug. I must have cut my string too short, as I accidentally grabbed only one string instead of two and in one swift motion, pulled it out of the Yoni Egg and right out into my hand.

Shocked by this action, I held the string up in front of my face, almost to make sure there was no egg still attached. All that remained was a lifeless piece of dental floss. And the egg was lost in the abyss.

‘Oh, Crap!’ I thought to myself and instantly began to panic.

I reached my finger up my yoni to try to grab a hold of it. I could touch it and somewhat wiggle it around but I just couldn’t get it out. It felt like I was only pushing it further up to God knows where. I started going into hysterics.

I began seeing visions of having to see a doctor to remove it and how embarrassing that would be. My mind was going nuts playing out all the possible scenarios. None of my roommates were home to help and I couldn’t imagine calling anyone with this complicated situation.

I ran to my computer and tried to internet search what to do with a stuck Yoni Egg… I was frantically scouring articles trying to find an answer and all I could find was information on how great my orgasms would be, how they would ease the symptoms of menopause… blah, blah, blah…

‘But how do I get this damn thing out!?!’ I screamed out loud.

Then, out of nowhere, some kind of an instinct kicked in to push as hard as I could.

I ran back to the bathroom, pulled my knickers down to my ankles, lowered myself to the ground and with every ounce of strength in my body I pushed down hard and… KA-BOOM!

The egg fired out like a projectile missile then skidded across the floor crashing into the brass toilet paper holding and knocking it to the ground.

Completely startled by what just happened, I sat there squatted for a moment with eyes wide open in wonderment as I watched a lone roll of toilet paper roll past me and unravel itself on the floor.

“Oh, God!” I thought to myself. “I just laid an egg!”

I then picked the egg off the floor, examined it closely and immediately started to laugh at myself. All these years of unfounded fears about the great abyss of my yoni, totally dissolved in just one instance.

We’re Designed To Push

Think about it. Our womanly bodies are designed to push babies out of our yonis. We can certainly push a Yoni Egg out if we need to.

Through gaining muscular dexterity of my lady muscles and overcoming fears of Yoni Eggs getting lost, I now rarely use the string for everyday use. I still find it useful to have the option for specific practices that involve it, but in my personal collection I have eggs with holes and eggs without holes.

In the last few years that I’ve been teaching Yoni Egg workshops, I’ve come to realize that I am not the only woman scared to lose her egg. These fears are so common, in fact, that your standard Yoni Egg comes with holes drilled through them to use with a string for easy removal.

We’ve All Heard Those ‘Stuck In The Yoni’ Stories

Most women have heard stories of other women ending up in the ER to have something ‘stuck’ removed from their yoni’s and perhaps this has even happened to you. Stuck items happens most often with moon time products, condoms and rubberized sex toys. The common theme is they have an irregular shape or surface that can cause friction against the skin of the yoni and cause the item to get wedged in deep, making it feel like it can’t come out

Yoni Eggs have a smooth surface, are shaped to fit the yoni canal and also have weight to them. Our lady muscles will naturally hold them in place during use, but they generally just slip out with little effort when it’s time to take them out. A Yoni Egg can feel ‘stuck’ if it’s too large for a woman with a narrow pelvis, and in this case a medium sized egg should be used rather than a large.

If you feel like your egg is stuck, the most important thing to remember is to stay calm. Of course, being told to relax in this kind of a situation is the last thing any woman wants to hear, however any stress can cause the muscles to tighten their grip and make it almost impossible to remove the egg.

It’s helpful to remember that our yoni’s have back and side walls, so there’s no where for the Jade Egg to go.

Take a few deep breaths. Jump up and down to see if gravity will help the situation. As you land, place your hands on your knees, half-squat and push with the lady muscles, then jump again and repeat to create momentum. A good belly laugh at yourself while doing this exercise can ease the mind as well as help loosen the grip.

Master The Art Of Laying An Egg

I encourage women who have concerns about stuck Yoni Eggs to use the strings for removal and avoid unnecessary anxiety. But I also encourage women to try pushing the egg out while the string is attached, only using your lady muscles and see if you can lay an egg. It might take a few weeks of regular practice to develop this control and dexterity, but keep trying. If you are still not able to push your egg out, perhaps a smaller size is more suitable for you.

And once you’re really confident with the dexterity of your muscles, dare to use an un-drilled Jade Egg to keep empowering yourself and take your practice to another level.

With Love,

Nola Bloom


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