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What Is A Jade Egg And Why Are All The Ladies Crazy About It?

Have you heard about a Jade Egg practice?

By now, many women have probably heard something about a Jade Egg or Yoni Egg. From doctors and lawyers to stay at home moms to New Age hippies, it seems like women everywhere and from all walks of life are talking about this ancient Taoist sexuality Yoni Yoga practice.

But what is it exactly?

So often I’ll be sitting down at the beach and some woman will have heard about what I do and come sit with me to make small talk. Then the question comes, can you tell me about Jade Eggs? “What are they? What do they do? I heard they give better orgasms. I am so disconnected from my sexuality and I need some help. Could Jade Eggs be the answer? Please, share with me what you know.”

So in collaboration with The Sanctuary Thailand on Koh Phangan, where I taught Jade Egg workshops for many years, I made this informative video that covers many common questions women have about Jade Eggs.

It covers some of the history of Jade Egg Practice and what the different sizes and stones are for. I cover various topics like pregnancy, taking care of your body while growing older and the hot topic of Vaginal Kung Fu.

I also talk about the Queens royal vagina and secrets of sacred feminine practices. And of course, I talk about sex.

I do hope you enjoy the talk. See the link below for my Yoni Yoga exercise video.

With Love,

Nola Bloom

Jade Egg Sessions & Downloadable Products

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