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Unlocking Vital Energy: Discover the Power of Yoni Reflexology

Yoni Reflexology

My Discovery Of The Intimate Reflex Points

Taoists believe the sexual organs to be the root of all life. Sexual energy flowing through our acupressure meridians translates to optimum health in body, mind and spirit.

Reflex points of the body in general are something I had been working with for a long time. I first was introduced to them about fifteen years ago in beauty and bodywork school and was instantly captivated by their ability to heal illness and alleviate pain.

A few years later, during my training as a Thai Massage Therapist in Chang Mai Thailand, I dove deeper into this incredible alternative healing modality. I learned the theory of reflexology and acupressure based upon the use of precision pressure movements to restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium. It was incredibly valuable to me to learn this healing system within a culture that deeply reveres massage as medicine to our body and our health.

In my training we mapped out every point on the entire body, or so it seemed. It wasn’t until I began my journey into Tantra that I discovered another major set of reflex points that was not discussed in Thai Massage School.

Yoni Reflexology

I was completely fascinated when I first heard about the intense reflex zones that exist within the deepest and most sensual areas of our bodies. When these points are stimulated they can help a woman clear emotional blockages by massaging the points linked to fear and tension as well as assist in experiencing deeper pleasure.

By slowly massaging the cervix, which is linked to the heart, it can help a woman give and receive love at a greater depth. Imagine it like foot reflexology that each point on our feet relates to a different vital organ such as liver, heart, and kidney. Points can be pressed upon or stimulated to improve the health of that organ. This is true too of the reflex points in our yoni (vagina)

One of the oldest Taoist practices for stimulating these reflex points in the yoni is by use of a Jade Egg. Jade Eggs, aka Yoni Eggs are crystals or gemstones carved in the shape of eggs and are inserted into the vagina. They are used for various exercises to improve health of the yoni as well as gain vaginal strength, dexterity and suppleness. They are simple to use, much like inserting a tampon.

I knew I needed to explore more and began my own practice of the Jade Egg. Almost immediately I noticed the differences beyond the theoretical understanding I already had. The gentle pressure of the Jade Egg on my reflex points was increasing sensations and enhancing my lovemaking experiences. I felt imbalances in my body were being harmonized each time I used my egg.

Where Are These Points And What Do They Do?

Kidney – Entrance of the yoni and G-spot area. When out of balance we feel fearful and when healthy the kidney corresponds to a greater calm and peacefulness.

Liver – We’ve often heard about sex being a great relief for headaches and there’s truth to that. Stimulating the liver point offers us relief to built-up tension, anger and frustration; allowing us to feel calm and rejuvenated.

Yoni Reflexology

Spleen/Pancreas – When out of balance we might feel worried. When this point is stimulated we experience a profound feeling of groundedness.

Lung – Out of balance can show up in low immune system, especially in the respiratory system. The lung point is often the most untouched area, as it’s located around the cervix rather than the cervix itself. When its healthy we feel confident and self-assured.

Heart – The epicenter of our passion and deep love expression located at the cervix itself. During sexual encounters, the best way to stimulate this zone is with slow deep penetration. Missionary position with a pillow under the hips can elevate you to reach fully body orgasm or “heart-gasm” Gently massaging this incredible reflex point can awaken a profound healing and heart expanding experience with a trusted partner.

How Do I Work With These Points?

There are many ways to stimulate our sensual reflex points. For a woman, regular use of a Jade Egg is the most natural and comfortable way to start exploring. When practicing with a Jade Egg it will automatically gently massage and stimulate yoni reflex points while strengthening lady muscles. The delightful sensations experienced will assist in deep yoni healing while empowering our sexuality.

Jade Eggs can be inserted anytime, any where and either continue going about your day, sit and meditate on the sensations, do yoga practice or more advanced movements such as dancing. The type of stone used such as Jade, Rose Quartz or Obsidian will influence emotional response, so it’s nice to have a variety.

Intimate Reflex Points On A Woman Mirror Those Of A Man

You’ll be thrilled to know that reflex points on the woman mirror the points on a man. Try experimenting with yoni and lingam (penis) massage to stimulate each point during foreplay.

For yoni or lingam massage, the receiver should lay back and totally relax. The giver uses massage oil and gentle massage techniques to stimulate each point with the intention to heal and release emotions, rather than to reach orgasm. The orgasm will most likely occur anyway, though it will be a slowly built up full-body heart expanding experience as opposed to a quick and intense release.

When lovers make love slowly a form of ecstatic acupressure is created. Missionary position with a pillow under the hips can elevate you to reach fully body orgasm or “heart-gasm” Gently massaging these incredible reflex point can awaken a profound healing and heart expanding experience with a trusted partner.

Remember, approach sensual reflex points with the love and care they deserve and it will result in increased vitality through physical, emotional and sexual health. Enjoy the journey of your reflex zones that exist within your deepest and most sensual area of your body. The Jade Egg can help guide you in your private practice and I hope it is as profound and healthy an experience for you as it continues to be for me.

With Love,

Nola Bloom

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