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A playful encounter with spirit in a sacred space…

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Cacao Ceremonies &
Five Elements Dance

Welcome to the enchanting realm of cacao ceremonies and the captivating Five Elements Dance!This magical experience transcends the boundaries of ordinary existence, where the impossible becomes possible, and profound transformations take place.

At the heart of the ceremony lies cacao, the revered raw chocolate, a sacred plant medicine revered as the food of the gods. With a legacy dating back thousands of years in Shamanic traditions of Central and South America, cacao holds immense spiritual significance.

During the ceremony, a divine elixir of cacao is lovingly prepared, blending organic ingredients into a delicious concoction that nourishes both body and soul.Embracing the spirit of cacao, the ceremony becomes a gateway to unlocking the depths of our souls, revealing our inner truths with utmost tenderness and lasting impact.

The journey unfolds as the cacao opens our hearts, guiding us through an ecstatic dance that traverses the five elements. In this dance, we connect with the primal forces of nature and our own beings, expressing our deepest emotions and inner wisdom through mesmerizing movement and rhythm.In this sacred space, we shed the layers that no longer serve us, empowering ourselves to rewrite our stories and redefine our identities, paving the way for something greater in our lives.

Welcome to a realm where the alchemy of cacao and the evocative dance of the five elements intertwine, offering a profound path of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. Step into this extraordinary journey and embrace the magic that awaits you.


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What is a Guided Dance Journey?

I get asked this question a lot from those who have never experienced this form of movement event before. I lead a guided dance journey through the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, combined with the spirit of the cacao medicine to assist in opening the heart. 

And the result is an incredible experience that combines movement, mindfulness, and fun music to help you connect with your body, emotions, and spirit in a deep and meaningful way.

During a guided dance journey, you'll be led through a series of movements and exercises that are designed to help you release tension, let go of stress, and explore your inner landscape. 

As we move through the elements, the music changes to help embody the feeling of each element. We also participate in fun, interactive dance exercises and you'll be encouraged to move freely and express yourself without judgment, and to connect with the music in a way that allows it to guide your movements and emotions.

The best part about a guided dance journey is that it's accessible to everyone, regardless of your fitness level or dance experience. It's a safe and welcoming space where you can fully let go and connect with your true self.

As a devoted yoga teacher, I absolutely love when my yoga students join the Five Elements Dance Journey and experience this other powerful way to connect with spirit off the mat.  I bring so much of my yoga experience into my cacao ceremonies, and it fills my heart with so much joy when I have students join both of these offerings.

So if you're looking for a powerful and transformative experience that will leave you feeling energized, inspired, and deeply connected to yourself and others, then I highly recommend to join my cacao ceremonies & Five Elements Guided Dance Journey.


Trust me, it's an experience you won't forget!

My Background:

I am a devoted cacao ceremony facilitator, and for over a decade, I have been humbly sharing the profound essence of cacao medicine with the world. My journey began on the enchanting island of Koh Phangan, when the spirit of cacao first beckoned me at The Sanctuary Resort in 2012 and I took my first Cacao Ceremony TTC with Daisy Kaye. Combining this experience with my Mystical Dance TTC with Monika Nataraj and my countless Yoga TTC's and trainings over the last 15 years, I have created a very unique experience for the participants drawing sacred wisdom from many different traditions.


I continue to lovingly spread the transformative magic of this sacred plant on Koh Phangan and my ceremonies have since traveled to Australia, Bali, Costa Rica, and my Canadian home of Whistler, BC.

Through my experiences, I have gratefully led countless souls on the transformative Five Elements Dance Journey, a voyage that has touched the hearts of hundreds. My path as a hoop dancer, yoga teacher, and entertainer gracefully converges, infusing my ceremonies with a playful and joyous energy, igniting a vibrant and delightful atmosphere for the dance.

In each ceremony, I aspire to co-create a sacred space, a sanctuary where participants feel unburdened, unguarded, and utterly free to immerse themselves deeply in the embrace of the five elements. This sacred permission to surrender and explore allows for profound healing and awakening, as we unravel the mysteries of our innermost selves.

As I walk this sacred path, I am continuously evolving and growing, and this sacred evolution infuses every aspect of my offerings. My own journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation becomes a beacon of light for my students, guiding them to embrace their own unfolding, their own sacred metamorphosis.

I invite you, cherished souls, to join me on this sacred dance. Let us dance together through the Five Elements, weaving our spirits into a harmonious symphony of awakening and connection. Together, we shall embrace the beauty of release, the magic of surrender, and the power of transformation. May our paths intertwine, and may we journey as one, discovering the divine essence that resides within us all.

With an open heart and arms wide, I await the joyous moment when we shall share this sacred dance. Until then, dear souls, may your hearts be filled with love and your spirits dance with the joy of anticipation.

Blessings and cacao-infused bliss, Nola Bloom

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Preparing for your
Cacao Ceremony

To experience full effects of the Cacao Medicine, please eat lightly on the day of the ceremony. Avoid stimulants such as coffee or alcohol and fast for a minimum of four hours before we begin. 

Yoga Retreat Collaboration

If you are a yoga teacher that runs retreats or teacher trainings please contact me to discuss a collaboration of adding a Sacred Cacao Ceremony to your event. These ceremonies are a great compliment to any yoga retreat, as they are an incredible team building experience help your group to connect deeply with each other.

Retreat Testimony:

"The Cacao Ceremony with Nola Bloom was one of the highlights of the retreat for my teacher training students. Many wrote to me that the ceremony helped deepen their relationships to themselves and to each other, and I too had a wonderful time with the 5 elements dance through which Nola gently and effectively led our group." ~Shy Sayar

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