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Jade Egg Activation Course for Beginners

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Start Anytime! Course is FREE when booking a Jade Egg activation session with Nola Bloom via Zoom COURSE INCLUDES: -16 Jade Egg lectures -3 Exercise videos -2 Audio Meditations This in-depth Jade Egg Yoni Yoga course is designed for the absolute beginner Jade Egg practitioner to those with some knowledge who wish to go a bit deeper. With this course you will learn all about the Jade Egg practice so get ready for: ~Deeper, more fulfilling pleasure ~Feeling confident in your body and your sensuality! ~Increased sensitivity in the Yoni – leading to mind-blowing orgasms! LECTURE TOPICS : -History of the Jade Egg Practice -What are the different stones for? -How to choose the correct size egg -Drilled Eggs vs. Un-drilled Eggs -How to energetically cleanse your Jade Egg -How to string a Jade Egg -How to clean a Jade Egg -Vaginal Reflexology -Sleeping with a Jade Egg -How long can I use my Jade Egg for? -Jade Eggs & Yeast Infections -Jade Eggs & Menopause -Jade Eggs, Pregnancy & IUD -Jade Eggs & Moon Cycle -Sex with a Jade Egg VIDEO EXERCISE CLASSES: -9min Jade Egg Microcosmic Orbit Meditation -20min Dynamic & Shamanic Yoni Yoga Class -45min Yoni Yoga Class AUDIO MEDITATION/EXERCISE CLASSES: -45min audio Jade Egg & Breast Massage Practice -10min Heart & Womb Blessing Meditation Book an online JADE EGG ACTIVATION SESSION and receive this course as a BONUS! Select '3 plans available' to view options *JADE EGG SOLD SEPARATELY* *WOMEN ONLY* *Must be 18 years or older*





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