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Discover the healing techniques of Ayurvedic Head Massage
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Ayurvedic  Head Massage
Training Courses

One day training course, private trainings and private/practicum coaching available.

Guided Ayurvedic Head Massage Audio Meditation also available. Scroll down for preview and details

Ayurvedic Head Massage
Training Course - Level 1


Next Course Dates:
Saturday, April 1st
Orion Healing Center
10am to 5pm
$105 USD
Please register at Orion Reception

Watch the video below that outlines the courses available

What The People Are Saying:

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"I went on the Ayurvedic head massage course this weekend and it was truly spectacular. It's such a beautiful gift to be able to give that style of massage to my partner and friends. I don't plan to do this for money or anything it was more something I wanted for myself. I felt very spoiled and relaxed at the end of the day as you practice on each other which feels great. Nola comes with 20 years of experience and you can tell, she has magic in those fingers. I'd recommend this one day course as a treat to anyone who wants to relax but also learn a new skill."

~Sarah, Head of Yoga at Orion

"This is an awesome workshop for people who either have massage experience or are entering without any previous or professional training. It is very much a practicum with the majority of the time spent in exploring the hands-on techniques. Nola encourages both structure and intuitive flow with the massage. The hot fragrant oils and hair play are very memorable and soothing! It's exciting to walk away from a one-day immersion with a new skill! I feel capable of performing amazing, high-quality 30 or 60 minute head massages. What a gift to share with my loved ones."

~Jamuna, KPG

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"Nola's attention to detail and keen insight into every aspect of giving a deeply relaxing head massage was more than I had expected to get out of one day.  She gave us a clear 60 minute series with many opportunities to improvise and customize the massage.  Beyond just technique, she explained every element and step of framing for the interaction with your client from environment, to state of mind, to positioning for the masseur and client.  I learned much more than I had expected for a one day course."

~ Mike, KPG

"I had a great day learning the fundamentals of Indian Head Massage with Nola! I had no previous formal massage training but Nola explained everything in a very clear yet relaxed manner that made everything easy to understand. She is very experienced both in the art of massage as well as in providing instruction to others. I'm looking forward to continue practicing and developing my skills!"

~Guy, KPG