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Canadian Nephrite Jade Egg
  • Canadian Nephrite Jade Egg

    Discover the epitome of indulgence for your sacred yoni with our exquisite Canadian Nephrite Jade Egg. If you seek the absolute best in Jade Eggs, look no further.


    For centuries, Nephrite Jade has been cherished as the original stone of choice by the graceful women of the Chinese Royal Palace. Today, Canadian Jade is hailed as the pinnacle of luxury, surpassing all other forms of this enchanting gem.


    Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of Jade, the ultimate fertility stone. Its essence radiates the perfect energy to enhance your practice. Within its delicate embrace, Jade also holds remarkable healing properties, a harmonious symphony of Yin and Yang energy. Its naturally dense structure imbues it with a satisfying weight, ensuring an ideal experience during the sacred Jade Egg practice.


    Crafted from 100% natural and authentic Canadian Nephrite Jade, our offering represents the utmost pinnacle of quality and purity. Embrace the assurance that you possess the finest Jade available for this transformative practice.


    In a medium size of 43mm by 29mm, our Jade Egg delicately nestles into your hand, as if tailored to your unique essence. It is available in both drilled and un-drilled options, allowing you to personalize your experience according to your desires. Learn about Drilled and Undrilled Yoni Eggs Here


    Indulge your yoni in the opulence of our Canadian Nephrite Jade Egg, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and profound connection. Elevate your practice with the gentle caress of femininity embodied in every facet of this remarkable gem.

    Due to the intimate nature of these products they are NON-REFUNDABLE. Your understanding is appreciated.

    As these stones are natural minerals from the earth, colourings may vary and stones may not be exactly as shown in photos.

    We are a Canadian company, but our prices are in USD as it's a more internationally recognized currency and Canadian Taxes will be calculated based on your billing and shipping information at checkout in accordance to your province’s taxation rates.

    International orders exempt of taxes by Secrets of Jade; Import duties in your country may apply.

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