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Full Moon Goddess Prayer

Full Moon Goddess Prayer

12 Minute Audio Download


Full Moon Goddess Prayer: Invoking Blessings from Shakti Ma


This is a 12 minute guided meditation that connects you with the divine feminine energy embodied by the Full Moon. It is a sacred prayer I channeled on a Full Moon and created this audio for all the sisters who join my Full Moon Goddess Ceremonies to continue to drop in to our circle on the Full Moon nights.


Through soothing music and gentle guidance, you will immerse yourself in a serene natural setting, allowing deep relaxation and inner calm to take hold.


As you breathe deeply, you will visualize the radiant presence of Shakti Ma, the primordial cosmic energy, standing before you. This powerful goddess represents the creative force within all of creation. With prayers and intentions, you will seek her guidance and blessings, inviting positive transformations into your life.


By aligning your energy with the divine feminine and harnessing the power of the Full Moon, this meditation empowers you to manifest your intentions, deepen your spiritual connection, and experience a profound sense of inner peace, harmony, and abundance. Embrace the transformative energy of the Full Moon and invite the grace of Shakti Ma to guide you on a sacred journey of self-discovery, healing, and manifestation.


Background 432hz deep relaxation music  by Chris Collins - Indie music


12 minute Full Moon Goddess Prayer

This is a professionally recorded audio track and you will receive a link to download upon purchase.


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