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High Priestess Variety Set - Yoni Eggs

High Priestess Variety Set - Yoni Eggs

Introducing the enchanting High Priestess Variety Set, crafted to embrace the essence of divine femininity. Dive into a world of graceful empowerment with our carefully curated collection of yoni eggs, featuring three mesmerizing sizes and three exquisite stones, each with its unique energy.


Unlock the secrets of your inner strength with our Small Drilled Obsidian egg. Measuring 20mm x 30mm, this delicate treasure is designed for advanced practices, allowing you to explore the depths of your feminine power with grace and precision.


Immerse yourself in the soothing aura of our Medium Jade egg, measuring 29mm x 43mm. This captivating gemstone is known to promote balance and harmony, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation.


Feel the gentle embrace of love and compassion with our Large Un-drilled Rose Quartz egg, measuring 35mm x 45mm. As the embodiment of tenderness and self-care, this precious gemstone encourages self-acceptance and fosters a deep connection with your innermost desires.


Tailor your experience to perfection by selecting either a drilled or un-drilled Jade egg, allowing you to align with your personal preferences and individual needs. This versatility ensures that you can embark on your Jade Egg Practice with confidence and complete freedom.


Unleash the full potential of your femininity with the High Priestess Variety Set, a treasure trove of self-discovery and empowerment. Elevate your sacred rituals and embrace the harmonious balance that awaits within. Let the power of these exquisite yoni eggs guide you towards a deeper connection with your divine essence.


The perfect set to experience the full Jade Egg Practice.


Small Drilled Obsidian: 20mm x 30mm

Medium Jade: 29mm x 43mm

Large Un-drilled Rose Quartz: 35mm x 45mm



Due to the intimate nature of these products they are NON-REFUNDABLE. Your understanding is appreciated.

As these stones are natural minerals from the earth, colourings may vary and stones may not be exactly as shown in photos.

We are a Canadian company, but our prices are in USD as it's a more internationally recognized currency and Canadian Taxes will be calculated based on your billing and shipping information at checkout in accordance to your province’s taxation rates.

International orders exempt of taxes by Secrets of Jade; Import duties in your country may apply.

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