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Divine Feminine Yoga Private Session

Nurture your divine essence with Divine Feminine Yoga: Embrace and Embody your Sacred Femininity

  • Nola Bloom

Service Description

Welcome to Divine Feminine Yoga, a sacred haven where you can truly meet yourself in your divine femininity. Here, I invite you to embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, centered around the nurturing practice of yoga. As your guide and facilitator, I am delighted to curate a women's yoga class that beautifully weaves together various elements to support your growth and connection with your sacred feminine essence. Together, we will embark on a heart-centered adventure that combines the power of heart blessing meditation, focused breath cycles, and restorative/yin yoga intertwined with the enchanting practice of womb breathing. Through carefully selected yoga asanas, we will explore a harmonious blend of hip and heart openers, allowing you to experience the profound merging of body, mind, and spirit. Simultaneously, our breath exercises will nourish and enhance your feminine, sensual energy, drawing it from the depths of your womb center. As we conclude this transformative class, you will emerge feeling deeply relaxed and nourished by your own feminine energy. Empowered and reconnected to your divine feminine essence, you will carry this radiant energy with you into the world. I would also like to extend an invitation to those who are already familiar with the Jade Egg practice. If you desire to be guided through a series of exercises, this class is the perfect opportunity for you to delve deeper into your practice and experience profound growth. However, it is important to note that this class is equally valuable for those who prefer not to incorporate the Jade Egg. It provides a unique space for you to connect with your womb energy through the wisdom of womb-centered Yoga. To participate in this sacred experience, all you need is a yoga mat, comfortable yoga attire, and a tranquil, private space where you can immerse yourself in the gentle art of yoga. I eagerly await the opportunity to guide you on this transformative journey of embracing your divine feminine essence. Together, let us create a sanctuary where you can truly meet yourself, honoring and celebrating your sacred femininity.

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