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Luminessence Facial Detox Package

60 min Facial + 30 min Chi Nei Tsang + 30 min Ayruvedic Head Massage

  • Nola Bloom

Service Description

Introducing my Luminessence Facial Detox Package: a comprehensive 60-minute Luminessence facial coupled with a 30-minute Ayurvedic Head Massage and a 30-minute Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage)nsession. This holistic approach is designed to address skin challenges by acknowledging the integral connection between skin health and overall well-being. This tailored package is ideal for those seeking a thorough detox for challenged skin or anyone desiring a revitalizing experience. The Luminessence Facial Rejuvenation Treatment, my absolute specialty, combines various elements to enhance skin vitality. The facial includes a lymphatic drainage massage to effectively eliminate toxins beneath the skin, incorporating Ayurvedic acupressure points to stimulate circulation and promote a vibrant complexion. To further enhance the detoxification process, aromatic hot towels are used to steam the skin and open clogged pores. The treatment also encompasses exfoliation and blackhead extraction if necessary, followed by a luxurious Hand & Foot Massage during the mask setting phase. The facial is perfected with the application of my hand-blended organic Luminessence Beauty Serum. Post-facial, I provide personalized product and nutrition recommendations based on my observations during the session, focusing on your skin's unique needs. Prior to commencing the treatment, I conduct a thorough consultation to understand your specific skin challenges, goals, and lifestyle. This comprehensive discussion includes diet and exercise regimes, as well as an assessment of the products you currently use, allowing for tailored adjustments and recommendations. With a commitment to customization, the Luminessence Facial Detox Package ensures that your exact needs are met, leaving your skin not only refreshed and renewed but also radiantly vibrant. Experience the synergy of these carefully curated services for a holistic approach to skincare and overall well-being. 120 Minute PACKAGE INCLUDES 60 min facial + 30 min Indian Head Massage + 30 minute abdominal massage (best package for detox programs) Please note: I do not offer chemical peels or medical extractions of cysts that require piercing or cutting the skin to a deeper layer.

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