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Luminessence Facial Luxury Package

My signature 60 minute facial + 30 minute Ayruvedic Head Massage

  • Nola Bloom

Service Description

Introducing my Luminessence Luxury Package – the epitome of indulgence for those seeking the ultimate facial experience. This 90-minute session seamlessly combines a 60-minute facial with our renowned Luminessence Facial Rejuvenation Treatment, complemented by an additional 30 minutes of blissful Ayurvedic Head & Shoulder Massage. The Luminessence Facial Rejuvenation Treatment is my signature specialty, designed to provide a transformative experience for your skin. A meticulous lymphatic drainage massage is employed to facilitate the removal of toxins beneath the skin, while targeted Ayurvedic acupressure points stimulate circulation, unveiling the radiant vibrancy of your complexion. Pamper yourself with aromatic hot towels that delicately steam your skin, opening clogged pores for optimal benefits. My comprehensive approach includes gentle exfoliation and blackhead extraction if needed, ensuring a thorough and effective treatment. To elevate your luxury experience, enjoy a complimentary Hand & Foot Massage while the facial mask sets. The final touch to this lavish journey is the application of our exclusive hand-blended organic Luminessence Beauty Serum. Post-facial, personalized product and nutrition recommendations are provided based on a thorough analysis of your skin's needs and challenges. Before the treatment commences, we engage in a detailed consultation to understand your specific concerns, goals, and lifestyle, including discussions on diet, exercise, and current skincare routines. This Luminessence Luxury Package is entirely customized to meet your unique requirements, leaving your skin not only refreshed and renewed but also exuding a vibrant glow. Elevate your self-care routine with this unparalleled fusion of expert skincare and relaxation. 90 Minute Package - $105 USD 60 min facial + 30 min Ayruvedic Head & Shoulder Massage (Most Popular) Please note: I do not offer chemical peels or medical extractions of cysts that require piercing or cutting the skin to a deeper layer.

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