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Yoni Egg

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  • What are Jade/Yoni Eggs?
    Jade Eggs, also known as Yoni (sacred space) Eggs, are umbrella terms used to describe a variety of different gemstones, rocks or crystals carved into egg shaped stones and are available in different sizes. ​ The use of a Jade egg to strengthen the vagina is a Taoist practice that evolved from ancient China. Legend has it that the secret was kept in the Royal Palace and taught only to the queen and mistresses of the most powerful nobles. It was believed that women who mastered the Jade Egg techniques would maintain their youthful beauty, vitality and sexuality as they matured into old age. ​ In modern times, developing a Jade Egg practice can be a very liberating and embowering experience as it offers women a path to heal themselves with love, awareness and consciousness. ​ Visit our SHOP to purchase authentic Yoni Eggs
  • What is included with my Jade Egg that I purchase?
    With your egg you will receive a PDF with links to the following: Instructions on how to clean and care for your egg Jade Egg Heart Blessing Meditation 45 minute Jade Egg & Breast Massage exercise class with Nola Bloom Voucher for 25% off a 1:1 Jade Egg Activation Session with Nola Bloom
  • How do I learn more about Yoni Eggs?
    At our store, we offer a range of resources to enrich your Yoni Egg journey. If you're new to this practice, we have two exceptional options tailored just for you: Experience a private one-on-one session, available in person or via Zoom, allowing you to seek personalized guidance and answers to your specific queries, ensuring a smooth initial experience. For women already acquainted with Jade Eggs, we provide an array of Yoni Yoga class downloads, conveniently accessible from our online shop, helping you further delve into the depths of this practice."
  • What stone should I start with?
    If you’re unsure which stone to go for, select the Canadian Nephrite Jade. Nephrite Jade is the original stone for this practice, used by the women of the Chinese Royal Palace for centuries. Jade is the ultimate fertility stone so it carries the perfect energy to be used within the womb. Rose Quartz is also a perfect stone, and I recommend this stone for anyone carrying emotional or sexual trauma, or traumas due to pregnancy such as abortion or miscarriage. It’s gentle energy is very healing especially to women who have shied away from lovemaking due to traumas and are looking for a nurturing bridge to re-inspire their sexual energy. Obsidian is known as the ‘Truth’ stone and is made from Volcanic lava. This stone is incredible for boosting self and sexual confidence.
  • Are your Yoni Eggs authentic stones?
    I am proud to offer high quality, 100% natural Yoni eggs. I am dedicated to offering women the finest Yoni eggs for their practice. A sample of each Yoni Egg we offer has been sent to the GIA (Gemstone Institute of America) for examination to confirm for our customers that there are no chemicals or dyes used in the process of polishing, finishing and preparing these gems for use in a woman’s intimate area. After thorough laboratory examination we are presented with a GIA report for customer’s viewing What is a GIA Report? A GIA report represents a technologically advanced gemstone evaluation. It provides a blueprint of our Yoni Egg attributes and tangible record of its quality. Essentially, the GIA is a non-bias institute for gemstone research and if there were any dyes or synthetics used in the process of preparing the eggs, it would show in the comments of the report.
  • How do I charge the healing vibration of the eggs?
    Yoni Eggs are crystals from the earth and have a live energy. Once removed from the earth they need to be energetically cleansed with elements of the earth so you may receive their full healing powers within your yoni. If your egg arrives close to the Full Moon phase, leave it out to bathe in the Full Moon light to cleanse and charge it’s vibration before using it the first time. If it’s not the full moon and you are keen to get started, you may bury it in the earth, place it in a creek or simply smudge with sage while setting loving intentions into your egg. See article on how to energetically charge your Yoni Eggs
  • What is the difference between a drilled & un-drilled yoni egg?
    The main difference between a drilled Yoni Egg and an un-drilled Yoni Egg is the presence of a hole. Drilled Yoni Eggs have a hole that allows you to attach a string for ease of removal, making them a popular choice for beginners. This string can be helpful during exercises and provides peace of mind for those who are new to the practice. Cleaning the drilled version is also straightforward; you can use a pipe cleaner to maintain hygiene. On the other hand, un-drilled Yoni Eggs don't have a hole, which makes them easier to clean since there's no need to clean the hole. Some Yoni Egg exercises may not require a string, and experienced users often prefer un-drilled eggs for their simplicity and easy maintenance. Ultimately, the choice between drilled and un-drilled Yoni Eggs depends on your personal preference and your specific needs within your Yoni Egg practice.
  • What is Yoni Yoga?
    Jade Egg Yoni Yoga A women’s yoga class that gently weaves together heart blessing meditation, focused breath cycles, restorative/yin yoga with traditional jade egg exercises. Yoni Yoga is ideal for women who have never used a yoni egg before and want to get a feeling for what the practice is like, as well as for women who already have prior yoni egg experience and want to attend a class that blends yoga and yoni egg exercises to support their practice. The yoga asanas will be a combination of hip and heart openers while the jade egg and breath exercises nourish and enhance the feminine, sensual energy from the womb center. We’ll practice various yoga asanas and breathing patterns to move stagnant energy in the body. This creates the space for us to go deeper into the Yoni Egg exercises and explore more dynamic Shamanic cleansing practices for the Yoni. Class ends with a deep meditation and letting-go Savasana, where we completely melt into our own divine bliss. The class is an incredible gift of self-love to yourself as well as those around you. As Yoni Yoga classes are also a sister circle, we will have the optional opportunity to share/ask questions at the end. If you’re brand new to Jade Egg practice, it is recommended, although not necessary, to complete the Introduction to Jade Egg online course to learn the jade egg basics. In this class you always have the choice to use a yoni egg or not. If you would like to use yours, please come to class with your egg already inserted, and know that you are so welcome to join even if you don't have an egg inside - You still get so many benefits from from this class even if you don't have an egg inside. Please wear comfortable clothing that you can practice yoga in and bring a sarong as it may be needed for some of the exercises. Watch the trailer for Yoni Yoga Download available in our shop!
  • Can a Jade Egg get stuck?
    Our yoni’s are amazing, sound structures with back and side walls. Though it may not seem like it, Jade Eggs don’t get stuck; there’s nowhere for it to go. If you ever feel like your egg is stuck, lower to a squat and bare down with your powerful muscles. You’ll literally lay an egg! Ultimately, where we want to get to in our Jade Egg practice is to be able to comfortably use un-drilled eggs and remove them solely by the use of our muscles whenever we want to. Practice pushing your egg out every time you use it rather than use the string to pull it out. By doing this, in the event the string does come off during use, you’ll be confident you know what to do. And with the dexterity and muscular control you’ll gain from practicing this will also prepare you for the next level in your Jade Egg practice… Un-drilled Jade Eggs! See full article on ‘Can a Jade Egg get stuck?’
  • Can I use a Yoni Egg after a hysterectomy
    In most cases, absolutely. After having a hysterectomy where the cervix removed, the doctors sew up the vagina so that it’s closed at the top and nothing can get lost. For women who have had this kind of operation, using a Yoni Egg can be helpful to prevent prolapse from having ‘extra space’ in your pelvis. I recommend speaking to your doctor about your specific case if you are unsure.
  • How do I attach a string?
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