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Jade Egg Online Courses

 Jade Egg courses carefully curated for the woman exploring her Jade Egg Journey with great depth

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If you’re new to the Yoni Egg practice and want to get the full benefits of your journey then you are in the right place.


The yoni egg practice helps us women to get in touch with our bodies and our deep inner wisdom.


The Yoni Egg Activation Course for Beginners draws upon ancient Taoist practices that women have used to heal their heart and womb space for hundreds of years.


Over time, with a devoted Yoni Egg practice, we gain sensitivity which means we can FEEL more. And increased sensitivity can lead to experiencing pleasure in a way you have never knew was possible.


The Jade Egg Activation course has been carefully curated for women who are beginning their Yoni Egg journey.


It starts with learning about the legends and history of the practice and is filled with all kinds of practical information such as how to care for your egg as well as how to energetically charge it’s vibration so the healing powers are at their fullest.


It has short lectures Vaginal Reflexology and how to stimulate a heart-gasm and even a chapter on Sex with a Jade Egg.


The course also includes a Heart and Womb blessing meditation and a 45 minute Jade Egg & Breast Massage Practice Audio


There is also 3 high quality Jade Egg / Yoni Yoga exercise videos for practicing at home.


With this course you will learn all about the Yoni Egg practice so get ready for deeper, more fulfilling pleasure and feeling more confident in your body and your sensuality!

Course Includes:


-16 Jade Egg lectures

-3 Jade Egg exercise videos

-2 Audio Meditations


Topics Covered:

-History of the Jade Egg Practice

-What are the different stones for?

-How to choose the correct size egg

-Drilled Eggs vs. Un-drilled Eggs

-How to energetically cleanse your Jade Egg

-How to string a Jade Egg

-How to clean a Jade Egg

-Vaginal Reflexology

-Sleeping with a Jade Egg

-How long can I use my Jade Egg for?

-Jade Eggs & Yeast Infections

-Jade Eggs & Menopause

-Jade Eggs, Pregnancy & IUD

-Jade Eggs & Moon Cycle

-Sex with a Jade Egg

Video Exercise Classes:

-9 minute Jade Egg Microsmic Orbit Meditation

-20 minute Dynamic & Shamanic Yoni Yoga Class

-45 minute Yoni Yoga Class

Audio Meditation Exercise Classes:

-45 minute audio Jade Egg & Breast Massage Practice

-10 minute Heart & Womb Blessing Meditation

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See the Yoni Egg FAQ below that outlines many common questions about starting a Yoni Egg practice.

If you are considering the course, or booking a 1:1 session with me and still have questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Jade Egg Activation Course for Beginners

 Carefully curated for the woman beginning her Yoni Egg journey

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