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Nola Bloom Divine Feminine
I support the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine through Mind, Body and Soul Practices

~Nola Bloom

Full Moon Goddess Ceremony | Nola Bloom
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Hello, My Name is Nola Bloom and welcome to my site

My intention is to infuse my passion for conscious movement, with my love of ceremony and ritual, and blend in my knowledge of yogic philosophy, classical Tantra, and ancient Eastern healing modalities. 

My desire is to help connect people to their true loving nature, to synchronize the divine journey that all of our rhythms beat within, and to have a little fun along the way.

In my offerings below you will find Yoga classes, Cacao Ceremonies, Full Moon Goddess Ceremonies, Guided Meditations, Beauty & Massage, Yoni Eggs to purchase and One to One Private Sessions.

Feel free to contact me with questions.


Thank you for visiting my site.

~Nola Bloom

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My former name is

'Nolita Ananda,'


Which you will find a lot of digital content created in this website under this name as it's recently been changed.

I'll explain more in my bio.


Kindly bare with me during this transitional period.

What I Offer:

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Guided Meditation Podcast

Do visit my Guided Meditation Podcast while you're here.


It's a series of affirmation meditations, sleep meditations and other mindfulness practices to calm your mind, sooth your soul and help you to relax at the end of your day.

Guided Meditations with Nola Bloom

Recent Posts

In my articles you will find information about living a holistic life through yoga, spirituality and healthy living as well as women's articles on Yoni Eggs and optimizing sexual health

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What The People Are Saying...

Below are a collection love notes from happy clients!


If you're visiting this website because you have been to a Full Moon Goddess Ceremony, Cacao Ceremony, Yoga Class or had a 1:1 session with me, leaving a testimonial that I can share with others is one of the most powerful ways to say thank-you!

Simply click the button and share your thoughts and experience and add a profile photo to personalize your testimonial. Include your INSTAGRAM handle for a story shout-out!

Testimonial from Internationally Acclaimed Ashtanga Yoga Teacher - Matthew Sweeney

I am humbled to receive this testimonial from one of my ashtanga teachers, Matthew Sweeney. I have taken a one month intensive training with him at The Sanctuary Resort on Koh Phangan in 2012 and had the opportunity to know him more personally in Thailand through workshops we both attended and friends in our community.

Matthew Sweeney

I met Nola in Thailand a few years ago, and was soon to notice her creative spirit – from hula dancing, to yoga to jewelry making. She embodies these gifts without ego, arrogance or judgment; she is a kind and gentle soul, with an air of quiet and calm, fun, lightness and joy, and a deep deep streak of humor.


Nola has great passion for her arts and the creation of the divine dance; her expression of spirit is wonderful and flowing. Nola’s experience also encompasses yoga, asana, Mystical Dance and personal growth work, and she brings these elements together in all levels of her teaching and person.


I can only encourage and support Nola on her journey into the Divine, and can recommend anyone and everyone to her classes.

Matthew Sweeney
Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
The Yoga Temple

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