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Sacred Practices for the New Moon: A Compilation of Offerings to Harness Lunar Energy

The upcoming new moon is a cosmic blank canvas, and marks a powerful time for introspection and intention-setting.

As the moon begins its new cycle, it symbolizes a fresh start, encouraging us to plant the seeds of our desires and dreams. This celestial event offers a unique opportunity to tap into the energy of new beginnings and manifest our intentions. 

Today, I am thrilled to share with you a compilation of my New Moon offerings, a collection curated to guide you through this sacred time with purpose and mindfulness.

New Moon Yin Yoga LIVE Audio Replay

The first offering I’m sharing today is my ‘New’ New Moon Yin Yoga LIVE Audio Replay from Orion Healing Center, recorded during the last new moon. This immersive experience allows you to dive deep into the soothing practice of Yin Yoga, aligning your body and mind with the lunar energy.

While this audio is beginner-friendly, it's worth noting that there are no visual cues, making it an ideal choice for those with some yoga experience.

New Moon Yoga Class Video on YouTube

Transport yourself to the serene The Sanctuary Resort on Koh Phangan with my New Moon Yoga Class video on YouTube. This video was filmed during the pandemic, when the Sanctuary Closed it's doors to the public and started Sanctuary Wellness LIVE by transforming one of the bungalows into a yoga recording studio. I was one of the teachers who remained in the area and got involved in the project and was blessed to receive these beautiful yoga videos.

This visual experience offers a rejuvenating practice to synchronize your energy with the moon's cycles, bringing tranquility to both body and spirit.

New Moon Meditation on Spotify and Insight Timer: 

For those seeking a moment of stillness and reflection, my New Moon Meditation on Spotify or Insight Timer provides a guided journey to connect with the lunar energy. Let the soothing sounds and words guide you towards clarity and intention as you navigate the new moon's transformative energy.

New Moon Yoni Egg Article: 

And just for the ladies, delve into the profound practice of connecting with the new moon through my article: New Moon Yoni Egg Ritual For Healing Sexual Blockages. Written a few years back, this insightful piece explores the integration of lunar energy into feminine practices, offering a unique perspective on harnessing the power of the new moon.

Setting the Space for New Moon Practices

Enhance your new moon rituals by setting a sacred space. Light candles to symbolize illumination and clarity, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Incorporate aromatherapy with therapeutic grade essential oils such as lavender, jasmine, and frankincense to promote relaxation and heightened spiritual awareness.

Order premium quality/therapeutic grade Essential Oils from Young Living Essential Oil bsite. Use White Moon Bloom member number when placing order: 16084610

Book a 1:1 Session with me

As you explore these diverse offerings, remember that I am here to support your journey. If you desire personalized guidance through a New Moon meditation or yoga class, I am available for one-on-one coaching. Follow the provided link for details, and feel free to reach out with any questions or book the Free 15 Minute Discover Call below to see if our intentions align.

Embrace the energy of the new moon and let it guide you on a transformative journey of intention and manifestation.

With Love,


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