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Ten Simple Steps To Create A Sacred Circle Of Women

Explore The New Girls Night Out!

As more and more women are adapting to a spiritual path life and deepening their connection to self through practices like yoga, mediation, tantra and Jade Eggs, this can often inspire wanting to connect with other women on a deeper level also.

With this evolution of the feminine spirit, sacred women’s circles are starting to replace drug and alcohol-induced wild nights at the club and are becoming the new era of a girls night out.

If you’ve been feeling this and there’s no current women’s circles in your area? Why not create your own space for your girls? You don’t need any special yoga or teacher’s certificate to host a woman’s circle. All you need is an open mind, an open heart, and a just little bit of creativity.

Here Are Ten Easy Steps To Help You Bring The Girls Together

1. Find a co-creator – Although you certainly can make a woman’s circle on your own, having a teammate allows different ideas, different perspectives and someone to bounce creative ideas off.

2. Choose a special date or theme – The Full Moon is an obvious one and a great place to start. Many women are already looking for ways to connect with others on the Full Moon. It’s the time when the feminine energy of the earth is at its fullest so a woman’s circle is just natural on this day.

Other days to explore are New Moon, Solstice, Equinox, International Woman’s Day, and International Yoga Day.

3. Designate a start and finish time and stick to it – Two hours is good to start. Many women have children and other obligations no one should feel like they are leaving in the middle of something if they have to go tend to their families. Women can stay around after to socialize, but close the circle at the time you’ve outlined.

4. Keep it clean – While it might be tempting to serve wine or a glass of bubbly, these are mood-altering substances that can mask true feelings and detour women from being their true and authentic selves. Herbal tea or a raw cacao elixir might be a better option for clear intention setting.

5. Set the space – A large area where everyone can sit in a circle on the ground is ideal. This can be outdoors if weather permits, a large room in your house with furniture moved aside or at a community hall. Invite women to bring a cushion if there aren’t enough to go around. Sheer fabrics over lamps and calming yoga music can create a lovely ambiance.

6. Build an altar – Invite women to bring something special to them for the altar such as jewelry, crystals, yoni eggs, flowers or deity statues. Building an altar together creates community and a space to meet others through sharing art expression.

Have the base altar prepared before everyone arrives with satin fabric colored to suit your theme, along with candles, incense, sage for smudging and a few flowers. You may also spread divination cards out for everyone to choose and read their message and how it relates to their current life status during their introduction

7. Create a theme exercise for the evening – If it’s a full moon that’s a time for letting go. Invite the women write on a piece of paper anything they want to let go of. Give a few minutes, and then they can read it aloud which gives it power and brings it to life. Find a way to destroy the paper as symbolism of the letting go process. If it’s safe to make a small fire that would be ideal – however ripping the paper up can also work well. Google can be a great ally. Research how others celebrate Full Moon, New Moon, and Solstice etc. to get ideas. Get creative and have fun.

8. The sacred circle – After everyone sits in a circle, you may choose to pass a sage stick around so each woman can smudge the woman next to her. Thank them for coming. Explain the intention for the evening and any exercises you’ve prepared. Allow everyone in the circle to speak one by one. Say their name + answer two short questions about themselves so everyone gets to know each other.

Some ideas for opening questions:

  • What called you to the circle tonight?

  • What do you do for a living?

  • Where are you from?

  • What are you working towards

  • Who inspires you and why?

  • What do you love most about being a woman?

You can also have a fluffy ball or stuffed animal to pass to another woman across the circle after speaking until everyone has had a turn.

Bringing a bit of play into the opening can be a great icebreaker. After opening introductions, invite everyone to move in silence as they build an altar together and delicately arrange their sacred items.

Removing the spoken word during this process allows connection at a deeper level, as the women must be very present with each other in order to communicate through eyes and hand signals.

Follow the altar building by the theme exercise for the night.

9. Final sharing circle – This is possibly the most important part of the evening so allow 15 to 30 minute for it. After completing exercises, invite each woman to share her experience of the evening.

Many women have very deep experiences at woman’s circles and this is the space to truly express what’s in her heart. Tears may flow, laughter, hugs, and connection. Embrace all of it.

10. Closing the circle – After every woman has had a chance to speak, ask everyone to hold hands and look around into the eyes of everyone that joined with a nod of recognition and gratitude. If changing ‘Om’ resonates with you, you may do that three times to close the circle.

That’s it!

You can infuse every circle you host different themes, exercises and opening questions to keep the experience unique each time.

Most importantly, keep it light and have fun. This is as much a journey for you as it is the other women that attend.

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All my love,

Nola Bloom


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