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New Moon Yoni Egg Ritual For Healing Sexual Blockages

Deepening Through The Darkness

The darkest nights of the month are often some of the most powerful as this is the time in which the moon and sun are in complete alignment. As a result of this, the New Moon is an especially powerful time to set intentions and is a perfect time to clear your Yoni Eggs of any stagnant sexual energy as well as charge them up with positive vibes.

New Moon Ritual

Many of us are already familiar with using crystals on the New or Full Moon for setting intentions in your life, but with a Yoni Egg practice we have the opportunity to go deeper and work with setting intentions for our sexual evolution.

For this ritual you will need:

  • A comfortable place to lie down next to an altar, preferably on a yoga mat with a meditation cushion

  • Sage to smudge

  • Obsidian Yoni Egg

  • Tea Tree Oil

  • Myrrh Oil (optional, but recommended)

  • Calming Music

  • A pen and paper

  • Candle

  • All devices turned off to avoid distractions

This Ritual Is Performed Over Two Days

The first part of the New Moon Ritual is performed the night before the new moon to clear your yoni eggs from any negative energy they may have picked up from your body or it surroundings while not in use. It is important to cleanse and charge your eggs often to keep the healing vibration clear to do their deeper work.

The second part of the New Moon Ritual is the ritual itself on the New Moon and I recommend working with Obsidian Yoni Egg for this ritual as it’s known as ‘The truth stone.” I also like to refer to the Obsidian Yoni Egg as the ‘Kali’ Egg as it’s energy is much like the Hindu goddess Kali who is a often misunderstood due to her unruly hair, garland of sculls and standing over her consort, Siva’s dead body. Kali is the goddess of change and destruction and encompasses great love. She is the ultimate symbol of motherhood is called upon when deep inner work needs an assistant.

Obsidian Yoni Egg

Controlled by the Root Chakra, Black Obsidian is a grounding stone that, similar to snakeskin, allows you to shed what no longer serves you. If your sexual past is haunting or controlling you, Obsidian can help you release anything that “was” and assist in focusing on what “is"

Medium Obsidian Yoni Egg

$45 USD

Cleansing Your Yoni Eggs On The New Moon

In order to cleanse your yoni crystals on the night of the New Moon, first give the Yoni Eggs an intentional ‘bath’ washing them thoroughly with a mild soap and massaging Tea Tree Oil into the surface and rinsing it off.

I recommend Young Living Oils as they are premium quality and safe for using in your sacred yoni.

You may also want to rest your yoni eggs on a piece of selenite or quartz in order for the cleansing to be more potent as well as help your crystal to release all the built up energy.

Smudging your Yoni Eggs with sage is also beautiful cleansing ritual. Then all you need to do is leave it out near a window overnight. This allows the crystal to be cleansed by the energy of the New Moon.

Please see 6 ways to energetically cleanse your yoni eggs for more ideas on crystal cleansing.

New Moon Ritual For Setting Intentions With Your Yoni Eggs

1. Prepare The Space

Begin your New Moon Ritual by preparing your space. Light a candle and incense and put on soft meditation music that is calming to the mind. Take about ten minutes to sit in meditation stillness with your energetically cleansed obsidian yoni egg held in your hand. Slow the breathing down and take this time just to prepare yourself for your ritual.

2. Think Of Any Sexual Blockages You May Have

Start to think of any emotional or sexual blocks that are holding you back from vibrating at your highest level. This may bring up some negative emotions, but that’s ok if you’re willing to go there. Try to let go of any particular stories from any past experiences and just stay with the feelings and triggers that you feel in the present moment. This is not to negate any negative sexual experiences that may have that caused the blocks, it’s just to stay present with the feelings in the body to try to transform them into higher spiritual energy. This is about you, not about them.

Meditate and see if you can notice in your body where you feel sensations the deepest. That could be your heart, your lower back, your abdomen or in the yoni. Send love and light to any areas of tightness that you feel. As you put your attention to these areas of the body, see if you can use your awareness to soften and melt the tension. Allow any emotions to come and take as much time for this as you need.

3. Write Down Any Significant Blockages You Notice

Writing down emotions when in a deep place of meditation can assist in shedding light and insights on what you may be feeling. It brings them to the surface where you can look at them and work with them. Write down the areas of your body that you feel have blockages. You may either burn the paper after the ritual or keep it to refer to at a later time.

4. Heart Blessing

Lie on your back and place your yoni egg on your bare chest next to your heart. It will sit beautifully just between the breasts.

Surround your egg with loving vibrations, preparing it even deeper to do this ritual work.

When you feel you have blessed your egg and are ready for using it, place one drop of Myrrh oil on the egg and massage it in.

Here’s a guided audio for your heart blessing

Myrrh Essential Oil

Order premium quality/therapeutic grade Myrrh Oil from Young Living Essential Oil website. Use Secrets of Jade member number when placing order: 16084610

Myrrh Oil to assist in deep meditation

Myrrh oil has a rich, smoky, balsamic aroma that is purifying, restorative, revitalizing, uplifting and a helpful aid to deep meditation. I only recommend using Young Living 100% therapeutic grade essential oil. Lower quality oils may cause irritation to the vagina. Place one drop of Mhyrr Oil on your yoni egg and massage into the surface. Once your egg is coated, insert your egg and return to lying on your back.

5. Warm Up With Breast Massage

You can begin with a delicious breast massage to warm up and help lubricate the yoni. Take time to massage the outer areas with your egg then gently insert the egg. Relax for a moment, then and come to a seated position with a straight spine. Purchase my ten minute guided meditation breast massage practice for only $15 USD. You can download right to your phone and listen anytime.

Listen to Preview of my Blissful Bosom Breast Massage Guided Meditation:

6. Listen To The Breath

Focus your attention not only on the inhales and the exhales, but notice the pause between the breath. Focus the attention on the third eye, the space between your eyebrows, the centre of our intuition, our insight and our inner knowing.

7. Inhale And Visualize The Breath Circulating

Visualize your Jade Egg in your yoni and notice the sexual energy that surrounds it. Once again notice any areas blockages or tightness and visualize them melting and releasing. As you inhale, pull the sexual energy up the spine, activating each chakra as it rises.

Visualize the breath moving all the way up the spine while filling the lungs fully. Notice the sexual energy moving upwards in a spiraling motion until it reaches the crown of the head.

You may also want to visualize any of your blockages lifting up and moving away from the body with the breath.

8. Exhale Slowly

The exhale is a complete release. Let go of visualization and relax the lady muscles. Allow the mind to go calm. Then notice how this beautiful energy radiates your very being.

9. Repeat The Exercise

Inhale, activate the lady muscles, fill the lungs with air, visualize and pull the energy up to the crown of the head, then exhale and relax the muscles, relax the breath.

Continue with this exercise for 5 to 30 minutes or until it feels like blockages have shifted or softened. As you wish.

Once finished, remove the egg and find a comfortable place to lie back with your egg on your chest next to your heart. Close the eyes and focus attention on allowing the muscles to feel like they are melting and relaxing. Our delicate yoni muscles can become too rigid if all attention is just focused on building strength. Allowing the muscles to fully relax after Jade Egg practice is the magic that brings this meditation together

10. Re-Cleanse Your Egg In The New Moon

After your ritual, return your obsidian egg to a windowsill to be surrounded and cleansed by New Moon energy while you sleep.

“Every Intention Sets Energy Into Motion, Whether You Are Conscious Of It Or Not.” -Gary Zukav Jade Egg Activation Course & Private Sessions

I have several options for learning more about your Jade Egg practice such as Yoni Yoga Jade Egg classes via Zoom, Online course and private sessions and I recommend checking them out if you want to go deeper into your practice and really feel what a Jade Egg can do for you.

New Moon Manifestation Meditation

As well as cleansing Yoni Eggs, the new moon is an excellent place to set intentions for any spiritual practices or goals you wish to accomplish in your life.

In the quiet darkness of the moon, we are encouraged to go inward to a place of introspection and plant metaphorical seeds of manifestation.

This New Moon meditation gently guides you through visualization of planting seeds to help create new projects and set intentions. If you have never tried a Yoni Egg Ritual before and are feeling any anxiety about starting.... Perhaps start here with a gentle manifestation meditation, where you can set intentions for your Yoni Egg practice to get you on the right track to start.

Find a quiet place to relax and press play

New Moon Gentle Heart Flow Yoga

New Moon Yoga class that can be practiced in the morning to help prepare for your New Moon Jade Egg Ritual

I hope you enjoy this New Moon Ritual. Join my mailing list to keep in touch.

All my love,


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