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How A Yoni Egg Practice Can Ignite The Goddess Within And Make You Irresistible To Men

Enhance Your Feminine Radiance

If you’ve ever followed any dating advice on the Internet, I’m sure you’ve heard the importance of self-care for attracting a suitable mate. This advice is often in the form of going to the gym, doing yoga, going to the spa, getting your hair and nails done. And while this is all good advice, real self-care goes much deeper than this.

Our precious lady parts are the most important parts of our bodies and are often overlooked and not discussed when talking about self-care due to taboos and body shaming. Or if they are discussed, it’s often in a derogatory manor, which only creates more disconnect.

So Many Women Are Disconnect From Their Sexuality

So many women are completely detached from their sexuality and wonder why they can’t keep a man around. It’s as simple as this… If you’re not deeply connected to your own sexuality, how do you expect a man to deeply connect to your sexuality?

The Mystery Of A Woman Lies In Her Sensuality!

And this is where a Jade Egg practice can become that missing link that ties everything together. Take the focus off trying to ‘catch’ a man and put that energy into taking care of your sacred sensuality. Using an egg like Rose Quartz is an aphrodisiac and stimulates sensual awareness. It is the crystal of ‘love’ and this vibrates through your whole body. This feminine energy radiates outwards and makes you feel sexier. It’s that sexy, feminine energy that will help attract the man of your dreams.

The Yoni Egg Practice Has Been Around For Centuries

The practice of the Yoni Egg (also known as Jade Egg) has been around for centuries and legend has it that it began in the Royal Palace of China and was only taught to the queen. It was not for common women!

The Secret of the Yoni Egg practice was only shared with women of very high status. And though there are infinite health benefits such as youthful vitality and increased Chi (life force energy), it was also so the queen had an ‘edge’ over the other women. She radiated feminine energy and could please the king with her tight, sensual pussy in a way that no other woman could. Further reading: The Secret Power of the Jade Egg

True Beauty Is A Lifestyle!

Yoni Eggs should be part of your beauty and health regime. A truly irresistible goddess lives is a conscious lifestyle that encompasses enhancing her sexuality, health and self-love practices.

When you practice Jade Egg exercises, along with attending yoga classes, maintaining a healthy diet and skin care regime that’s when your true radiant, irresistible beauty will shine through.

Beauty & Self Love Affirmation Meditation.

This self-love & beauty affirmation meditation to help you start your day feeling beautiful, confident and vibrantly alive

When you love and appreciate your entire being just as it is, you will grow and feel more beautiful!

All my love,

Nola Bloom


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