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6 Ways To Energetically Cleanse Your Yoni Eggs

Why Do I Need To Cleanse My Yoni Eggs?

Yoni Eggs are crystals from the earth and have a live energy. It is the live and vibrant energy the crystal omits that does wonders in crystal healing for our Yonis. Once removed from the earth they need to be energetically cleansed with elements of the earth so you may receive their full healing powers.

How Often Should I Cleanse My Yoni Egg?

It is a good idea to cleanse your yoni eggs when you first acquire them and before using them the first time. This will remove any energy from whoever handled the crystals before you as well as infuse your egg with a loving, vibrant energy.

Beyond that, how often you cleanse your eggs will be based a lot on how often you use them as well as what is going on with you emotionally and energetically. Intuition goes a really long way with cleansing rituals.

If you have a regular yoni egg practice of five days a week and are in high spirits most of the time with a fruitful life, then once or twice a month is perfect.

If you’re going through an emotional time, then a bit more often might be ideal as your yoni egg does pick up negative energy. You can certainly turn to your yoni egg practice during these times to connect deeply to your sacred feminine energy and help the healing process. And if that’s the case, then cleansing the negative as well as re-charging the vibration often will assist the healing journey.

If you use your yoni eggs with your partner for making love, then energetically cleansing them after sexual encounters is ideal, as the eggs will also pick up energies from your lover. See article on Sex with your Jade Egg.

1. Full Moon

Cleansing my yoni eggs on the Full Moon is by far my favorite cleansing ritual. The time of the Full Moon is when the earth’s feminine energy is at its full power so it’s the ideal time to connect deeply to our feminine practice of the Yoni Egg. Simply leave them on a window sill overnight and allow them to bathe in the Full Moon light, or take it deeper with a full Full Moon Ritual.

2. Smudging

This popular Native American cleansing method uses dried sage bundles or palo santo smudge sticks. If you smudge often, I recommend getting an abalone shell to catch ashes and cinders as well as a handmade smudge feather fan to create more smudge smoke. Having these beautiful extras helps to make more of a ritual out of the energy clearing.

Light the Smudge Stick then blow out any flames. You can now pass your yoni eggs through the smoke to clear it. Take as long as your intuition guides you for the length of time needed.

3. Energy Healing

If you are a Reiki practitioner or use any other energy healing method you can use this to cleanse your Yoni Eggs. Simply hold your crystals and pass the healing energy through them. You may also lie on your back with your Yoni Egg between your breasts next to your heart and set loving intentions. Listen to the Heart Blessing Meditation below for a guided meditation.

4. Sound Healing

Sound omits a vibrant pulsation and can help to set our Yoni Egg’s vibrations back to its original state. Crystal or Tibetan singing bowls work perfectly. Place your eggs near the bowl as you play it and allow them to bathe in a loving sound bath.

5. Flower Petals & Essential Oils

You can bury your yoni eggs in a bowl of flower petals – any petals you wish. Many flowers also have healing properties of their own and can share that energy with your crystals. Roses can be used for healing love and Lavender for relaxation. If you love flowers so some research to find different properties to infuse your yoni eggs with. We recommend Young Living Essential Oils as they are premium quality and ideal for cleansing rituals

6. Water

A nice cool water bath works very nicely, or place them under running water. When I run my crystals under running tap water in the sink I visualize the water cleaning out any negative energy. Placing them in a slow moving creek for an hour or so really puts them to the elements of mother earth.

Salt water is also an amazing cleanser to make a water bath with, though this should be done in shorter lengths of time. Salt Water can be corrosive to many crystals so I recommend keeping this method to 15 minutes or less, then rinsing the salt off in fresh water. If you live near the ocean you can tie the yoni egg string around your hand or neck while you swim to avoid losing it.

Combine And Create Your Own Yoni Egg Cleansing Rituals

The possibilities are endless on how you can energetically cleanse your Yoni Eggs. Bury your egg in a bowl full of flower petals and water and offer Reiki. Smudge them with Sage after giving them a sound bath. Or take an erotic naked swim in the lake or ocean under the full moon light with your Yoni egg tied around your neck.

Most importantly is that they are cleansed to rid negative energies and infuse with positive ones, so find something that works for you. There is no limit to how much cleansing you can do, especially when you use safe methods such as sound, lunar energy, or Reiki so be creative and have fun.

All My Love,

Nola Bloom


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