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Yoni Eggs & The Full Moon

Yoni Eggs & The Full Moon

Indulge In The Powerful Lunar Energy

Whether or not you’re the kind of woman who feels connection to the moon times, when beginning or maintaining a Yoni Egg practice it is a great time to explore the powerful time when the lunar energy is at its fullest.

The Full Moon is a time to open your mind, body and spirit to the infinite healing possibilities offered by its light. It is an opportune time to not only cleanse the negative energy, but also to infuse the Jade Egg with vibrational power that is potent during the Full Moon phase.

Although there are many different rituals around for cleansing gemstones and crystals, what I like most about the moon rituals is it’s on a clock. The full moon peaks once a month, so it’s a great reminder of the time of the feminine and a great time to come back to your Yoni Egg practice if it’s been forgotten about in the midst of a busy schedule.

The Moment The Full Moon Peaks Is When The Feminine Energy Of The Earth Is At It’s Full Power

The time of Full Moon is an auspicious time for women to gather in sacred rituals or connect with their feminine practices such as Yoni Eggs. And when working regularly with a Yoni Egg, it can often absorb negative energy in the body, which will change its vibrational frequency. It is important to maintain a regular practice of energetically cleansing the egg to return the vibration back to its original and perfect state.

Lunar energy carries the vibration of abundance, attraction, manifestation and love

Cleansing your egg can be as simple as placing your Yoni Egg on a windowsill and leave to bathe overnight in Full Moon light to cleanse and re-charge its vibration, or bury it in the earth. If you are new to Full Moon ceremonies, then sometimes keeping it simple can have the most profound results.

Tips For Creating A Yoni Egg Full Moon Ritual:

  • Cleanse your Yoni Egg with Tea Tree Oil to purify it. Since ancient time it has been a Tantric practice to lovingly cleanse anything that goes onto an altar to help set the pure intention of the ritual. Also take the time to practice a gentle yoga class followed by a bubble bath or sea salt body scrub to purify yourself.

  • Create an altar in a quiet sacred space. Take a satin sarong and arrange your favorite gemstones, crystals and your Yoni Eggs set on agate egg stands.

  • Incorporate the elements on your altar. Earth ~ Flowers. Water ~ Favorite tea on the altar, and consume when finished ritual as it’s been blessed. Fire ~ Candles. Air ~ Incense and sage smudging. Ether is the space you create for the ritual.

  • You may choose to use your Yoni Egg during your ritual or leave it placed on the altar. Sit in quiet meditation focusing your attention on abundance, attraction, manifestation and love. Focus this time on letting go of anything that no longer serves you.

  • Practice Yin Yoga. Yin is the energy associated with the Lunar feminine energy, making Yin Yoga a beautiful and ideal practice for the Full Moon phase. A few long deep passive poses or sit quietly in meditation. You can listen to the Heart Blessing Meditation also to clear the vibration of your Yoni Egg

  • When finished with your meditation, lay back in Savasana (corpse pose) to allow the ritual to resonate with you. Then place your Jade Egg on an agate egg stand and out to bathe in the full moon light.

Full Moon Goddess Rituals

If you already have a circle of woman you join on the Full Moon, you can be very discreet about taking your Yoni Eggs with you in a satin pouch and place them on the altar. There’s no greater way to charge your Yoni Eggs, then to have them surrounded by feminine energy of a circle of woman in a full moon ritual and you might find yourself wanting to share your Yoni Egg secrets with the other woman in attendance. Check your community listings to find a Full Moon Goddess Ritual taking place in your area.

Full Moon Gentle Heart Flow Yoga

This class is the perfect yoga sequence to help you find your balance and re-align your energies on full moon nights. The heart opening poses in this sequence allow you to use the heightened energies of the moon to restore balance between feeling grounded and feeling illuminated.

Most importantly, use your own creativity to come up with a ritual unique to you. One that you enjoy and will look forward to connecting with every Full Moon.

With Love, Nola Bloom

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